Creating a Shared Data Source in Reporting Services

This article will provide an example of how to create a Shared Data Source and publish it to your Report Server. You may use the data source while developing reports in Report Designer and Report Builder 2.0 tools. For this example, we will be using SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio 2008.

This article assumes the following:

  • SQL Server 2008 and Reporting Services installed
  • Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) or Report Builder 2.0
  • AdventureWorks database
  • Limited exposure to Reporting Services

Create Report Server Project

1) Open Business Intelligence Development Studio from Start >> All Programs >> Microsoft SQL Server 2008 >> SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio

2) From the menubar, select File >> New >> Project

reporting builder 2.0

3) Select the Report Server Project template. Give the project a name and save to your desired path location.

reporting builder 2.0

4) Click OK.

Set Deployment Properties

1) From the Solution Explorer pane, right click and select Properties.

reporting builder 2.0

2) The Property Pages diaglog will open up. Enter the following values for the properties:

  • OverwriteDataSources = False
  • TargetDataSourceFolder = Data Sources
  • TargetReportFolder = DataSourceDemo
  • TargetServerURL = http://localhost/reportserver

reporting builder 2.0

3) Click OK.

Create Shared Data Source

1) From within the Solution Explorer pane, right click Shared Data Sources >> Add New Data Source

reporting builder 2.0

The Shared Data Source Properties dialog shows

2) Enter "AventureWorks" for the Name field.

3) For Type, select Microsoft SQL Server from the dropdown list.

4) For the Connection String, click the Edit... button on the right of the textbox. The Connection Properties dialog will prompt you for values.

reporting builder 2.0

5) Use the Server Name dropdown to select your Server location, or if you are running it locally, simply enter a period "." (without the quotes) for a value.

6) For the Log on to the Server section, select Use Windows Authentication option.

7) For the Connect to Database section, select Select of enter database name option. Using the dropdown, find AdventureWorks database.

Your Connection Properties dialog should look similar to the following:

reporting builder 2.0

8) Click the Test Connection button to test. You should received Test Connection Succeeded.

9) Click OK to save changes.

10) Click OK again to close Shared Data Source Properties window.

You should see the AdventureWorks data source in your Solution Explorer pane.

reporting builder 2.0

Publish Data Source

1) Right click on the AventureWorks.rds >> Deploy

The data source will be deployed to the Server location you specified earlier in this article. Look at the Output window for the deployment results. You should see Deploy Succeeded in the lower status bar.

reporting builder 2.0

That's it! You have completed Creating a Shared Data Source.


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