Uploading .RDL files using Reporting Services Web Services - Application Integration

This post will demonstrates how to upload an .RDL file to the Reporting Services database. We will begin with creating the method to upload the file and save it to a temporary folder. Next, we then consume the web service method CreateReport to save the .RDL file to the Reporting Services database. [More]

Spice up your Pie Chart by setting the PieDrawingStyle property

This article we will describe how to enhance a Pie Chart by using the SoftEdge or Concave value, using SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services. These values are available only on a 2D Pie Chart. The image below illustrates both SoftEdge and Concave styles, respectively. We will be using Report Builder 3.0 for this example. [More]

Working with a Recursive Hierarchy Group in SQL Reporting Services 2008

This article explains how to create a recursive hierarchy group, which organize data in a report to include multiple hierarchical levels. This is helpful when you want to display hierarchical data in a report. For example: employees in an organizational chart, or product subcategory in a product list. [More]